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All Sailsmith Bags with a serial number on a tag sewn into the interior of the bag carry a transferable 100 year warranty.  Any bag without a serial number carries a 10 year warranty instead.  Sailsmith Bags, LLC, shall, at their discretion, ether repair or replace any bag deemed defective in materials and workmanship for a period of 100 years from the original purchase date.  Owner is responsible for registering product on this website within one year of purchase date to qualify.  Owner is also responsible for transferring warranty to  subsequent owners on this website upon transfer of ownership.  Warranty does not cover damages due to staining, water damage, mildew or fungus growth, fire or smoke damage, abuse, neglect, or any damage that is unreasonable for a bag to endure.  All warranty claims must be brought to our attention via email, phone, or in writing.  If warranty repair or replacement is deemed appropriate, owner is responsible for all shipping costs associated with warranty claims.  You may contact me about warranty issues via the contact me form as well.

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